How to Personalize Facebook Messaging OR cold Email using Loom Videos?

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Pensight Experts
February 2, 2022
If you're automating your outreach messages, it’s hard to have a personal touch. That goes with any cold lead generation and prospecting - its just hard to have speed and personalisation at the same time.

But with Loom (find out what Loom is here) you can now personalize your marketing cold outreach, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn or email.

The best part? You can personalise your message while saving time on creating individual messages for each person. Let us show you how:

Imagine you want to introduce yourself to a potential client. Instead of recording a video using that person’s name or anything specific to them, you will record a fairly generic message where it seams like you are talking directly to them but you are not including any details about any individual.

For example, if you just connected with a person on a social network, you can create a personal introduction video: “Hi... it’s great to be connected. I’m [NAME], just wanted to personally introduce myself...This is what I do: ....”.

Ideally you would know what you want to achieve through that message. Do you just want to say hello, to invite them to join your Facebook Group/ Webinar or to book a call with you? Whatever it is, make sure you include a call to action!

Apart from verbally communicating your call to action, Loom gives you the possibility to insert a CTA button which is visible throughout the video.

If you have the time and you thing the ROI is worth it, you can even go the extra mile and record a specific message to each individual which will make your reach out message even more powerful.


The whole app is built for speed which will allow you to use it quickly and efficiently throughout your day.

A super useful feature is that you can be automatically notified when the customer watches your video - which is great if you want to get them on a quick call.

Also, to facilitate instant human connection, you can enable viewers to interact, comment, and respond to videos.

Loom is free and has a very affordable subscription for premium functionality.


Loom is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. It can increase your efficiency and value to clients so much while saving a ton of time! Nonetheless, it increases your click through rates and, wait to see the positive feedback you’ll get on the personalised touch! Woohoo! 🚀

Now that you know the basics, check this FULL LOOM GUIDE! Give it a try! You’ll thank us later! 🚀🙏

P.S. Don’t miss out on learning about Loom features and 10+ Use Cases here.

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