How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing Business Foundation (Part III)

Written by
Iasmina Jianu
April 6, 2022

Getting coaching clients with organic marketing has never been easier. While everyone might be telling you this, we’ll actually go in depth on the “HOW’. Today we’ll the missing piece of your “how to get clients” puzzle, by going back to the basics: your business foundation. 

If you haven’t read the previous article where we show you exactly what you need in your coaching business to be successful, you can find it here: How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing (Part I) article. 

The 3 most important elements of your business foundation are: 

  1. Your Ideal Clients 
  2. Your Offer 
  3. Your Business Goals 

Many times your success in business has nothing to do with your strategy, marketing or knowing more. It’s all about going back to the basics and reviewing the fundamentals. Let’s dive in. 

Who do you want to attract with your coaching business? 

The more you know about your ideal clients, the easier the process of attracting them will become… You need to do in-depth ideal client research. Start by defining their desires by answering a few questions: 

  1. What do they want? 
  2. Who do they want to become?
  3. Why do they want that outcome? 
  4. What motivates them to achieve that outcome? 
  5. How are they going to feel once they achieve the desired outcome? 

Avoid having general answers. Be tangible with the outcome they want, know their desired situation better than they know it themselves. Even if you have an obvious answer (such as: they want inner peace or they want money), go deeper. Example:  

Question: Why do they want money? 

Answer: They want financial freedom and to live their life on their own terms. 

Go further: Why do they want financial freedom? What are they going to achieve with their financial freedom? 

In a subconscious way, people dream about a lot of things, but they are afraid of expressing themselves, afraid of being judged by others, so they just blend in. Deep down they have bigger desires. 

Knowing these desires and speaking about them in your content will create a strong connection between you and your ideal clients. Telling them: 

  • I know how you feel 
  • I understand what you want and your desires
  • And I have the perfect solution for you through my program

… which will help you attract and close sales through your content. People buy because of other people’s personality. They buy for who you are, based on your core values and how you chose to show up in the online space. Marketing is about perception, how they perceive you through your content. 

The same thing you offer in your program can be offered by another 10 coaches. What’s the difference between YOU and other coaches? The answer is in the question itself: YOU!

Twist the knife in your ideal CLIENTS’ pain points

This is the advice many business/coaching entrepreneurs will give you. But you are not here to get regular advice. We are cool, and we are going to flip the script. 

Focus on the desired outcome to attract people WHO ARE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR PROGRAM. Yes, it’s crucial to create content around their pain-points, showing them you understand their problems. But you need to do it from a place of empowerment. Do not waste your energy with people who are not ready for a change and will never be. Even if they have a problem and you have the best solution to their problem. 

“At the end of the day you want to solve a problem for those people who want their problems to be solved.” 

Identify their pain-points by asking yourself: 

  1. What’s the biggest problem keeping them away from achieving their dreams? 
  1. What are the most important 3-4 things preventing them getting the results they want?  
  1. Are they doing anything to solve their problem? If yes, why is this not enough? What’s not working for them? Is their solution wrong or the way they're executing it? If not, what keeps them from taking action? 

Now that you have clarity over your ideal client problems and desires, you can build your offer. Your offer will be the vehicle taking them from their current situation to their desired situation. 

You must solve their biggest problem, the one that keeps them from getting there, and the other 3-4 things holding them back from solving it themselves. This is your transformational process. Besides the transformational process, you need to communicate the result to your ideal clients in a tangible way. Remember when we spoke about their desires and making them tangible? 

Your ideal client’s desires = your tangible offer outcome

Last but not least, when you build your own offer, it is important to add a unique element that will represent you, your personality, and your authenticity. This will prevent you from fading into the background of the coaching space.  As I said, people buy tangible results, and they buy them because they connect with you

Getting results with a strong business foundation 

I told you getting clients can be easy. I’ve got my first 4-figure client without any posts, an email list, a Facebook group or a huge following. How? 

  • I knew WHO I SERVED
  • I knew WHAT I OFFERED 
  • I had a CLEAR GOAL on my mind 

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to attract more coaching clients and scale your business, you need a profitable social media presence and a solid system in place. This was part of the main strategy in our How to Get Clients with Organic Marketing (part II) article

Let’s now focus on goals. Why is it important to have a clear goal on your mind right from the beginning? Because based on your goals you will know what you need to do with your marketing and sales strategy further on. Let’s say your goal is to make $10k this month. Ask yourself: 

  • How much should I focus on my marketing? 
  • How many sales calls do I need to make 10k? 
  • How many high-converting content posts do I need to create this month? 
  • How many times should I do live videos to attract leads?  

“Don’t build a strategy and then hope to get a client. Know where you want to be and build a strategy that will take you there!” 

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