How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing  (Part I)

Written by
Iasmina Jianu
March 24, 2022

Organic marketing is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to grow your business. You don’t need to pay for ads, spend time trying to find the perfect formula for your ads, or lose money in this process. 

Organic marketing means promoting your services for free, without any type of financial investment. In the past few years the market has grown significantly and the real question is… 

How do I make money with organic marketing? 

Sure, it seems like a no-risk strategy and a clear path to success but unfortunately it’s not so simple. Not investing money in advertising means you have to invest time +instead, and spend it doing the right things. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs and coaches feel they are not going to succeed and give up almost before starting. Some coaches invest thousands of dollars in other coaches teaching organic strategies yet still fail and eventually give up on their business. Successful organic marketing is about using your time to select and implement effective strategies for your business.

What makes organic marketing hard? 

Because as easy as it seems, it’s hard to keep things simple and to the point: communicating clearly what you do, how that works and how your ideal clients will benefit from your program. That’s why in this article you have a REAL roadmap for getting clients with organic marketing. These are the four key elements you need in your coaching business to attract more clients: 

  • A Solid Business Foundation (Offer + Ideal client)
  • A Marketing Strategy 
  • A SIX FIGURE Business Strategy 
  • A sales SYSTEM 

You might think you have all of these things in your business and you might know them all. But the challenging part is not about what you KNOW. It is about KNOWING HOW TO IMPLEMENT these things to catapult your results in real time. 

This is a common mistake among many coaches. The space is so flooded with information and with all these overused terms, that it becomes hard for you to identify your blind spots which keep you from hitting the 4-figure, 5-figure or even 6-figure mark with your business.

Today we’ll go in depth with each topic. Just don’t forget that each of the pillars listed above needs a custom touch for your own style, your audience and your ideal clients. 

Before diving into those topics, you need to understand that all those pillars are connected and influence one another directly when it comes to getting clients online with organic marketing. 

The Coaching MAP 

For a better understanding of how these pillars are connected, see the graphic representation below. You start with your Business Foundation. This will set your business for success because it incorporates 3 main parts: IDEAL CLIENT, OFFER & GOALS.  

Ideal Clients - Many coaches know what they are doing and what type of a problem they solve, but they don’t clearly define who their ideal client is. You always need to keep an eye on your ideal clients, to see how their behaviour changes, how they or their problems evolve. 

It is not enough to know what their problems are and pass to the next part - Marketing. Your marketing strategy won’t work if you don’t do in-depth research on your ideal clients. 

Besides the demographics, such as their age, where they live, how many kids they have, if they are in a relationship, married, single or divorced, you need to know their psychographics.  

This is the part that will help you communicate your message better, by speaking  to their needs, desires, pain points directly and addressing their objections through your content. 

But if you don’t define all these things clearly right from the beginning, communicating with them and selling PREMIUM PACKAGES will be a struggle. It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling, marketing or how solid your business strategy is. It will be like trying to sell meat to a vegan! 

High-Converting Offers 

High-converting offers are built on 3 elements: tangible results, your personality and a unique twist.

Firstly, to get clients and sell your high-ticket offer, you need to communicate clearly the results people will achieve from working with you. This needs to be crystal clear to prospective clients. How clearly? As clearly as possible. What makes your prospect's decision hard, when it comes to working with you, is the questions they will be asking themselves: how will this work?, what will I actually get if I work with you? Will this be working for me? Can I get results with your program? Do I need this now? And the objection: I don’t fully understand how this works. 

They will never tell you these things. They will simply say: “I can’t afford it. I’ll think about it.” But the truth is that they are not sure about your program. Make the outcome as tangible as possible to eliminate all those questions. 

Your offer should define you, your style and the people you want to work with. People buy for people. Authenticity sells because that’s what connects people. You definitely want to add this to your offer. Otherwise, you’ll fade into the background having the same offer as other coaches. Speaking about this… UNIQUENESS! 

That’s another important element. 

It is important, but tricky as well. Why? Well, you want to position yourself for the same reason you must bring authenticity - to differentiate yourself. And it’s tricky because, if you position your offer in a way that’s so unique that it makes it vague, unclear and hard to understand for your audience, nobody will approach you. 

In a subconscious way, people have many questions they will never ask because they are afraid of the outcome. So, instead of asking those questions, they will pass your offer. Besides, nobody has time for that. 

As you see, focusing only on your business fundamentals takes time and attention. Many coaches skip these parts, hoping to start with their content, making posts and hitting their revenue goals. 

Speaking of goals… let’s see what that’s all about…  

Business Goals 

Knowing where you want to be is as important as the journey itself. This will help you follow a step-by-step strategy. Not the other way around: starting with the strategy hoping to get somewhere. 

It’s like buying a plane ticket and arriving at a destination to find out you don’t like it. This is a common mistake many business owners make. Setting goals for yourself and for your business right from the beginning is going to keep you on track with your business. As Stephen Covey says: “Begin with the end in mind”.

Revise your goals every 3 or 6 months, gather feedback from the market, analyze what you need to optimize in your business to get to the next level. 

This was the first part of the series called “How to Get Clients with Organic Marketing.” In the next part, we will speak about marketing, business strategy and sales processes. 

Meanwhile, you can join our community for coaches, where we share more training and exclusive content to help you get more clients. 

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