How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing (Part II)

Written by
Iasmina Jianu
March 24, 2022

This is the second part of the series on how to get clients with organic marketing as a coach. This will be about the marketing, business and sales strategy. If you haven’t read the first article, you can find it here >>> How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing (Part I) 

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

Marketing Strategy 

The core of a successful marketing strategy is creating a marketing strategy that works for YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE. Whether you are in life, business and career coaching, or you are coaching other coaches, if you want to get clients with your coaching business, adaptability is crucial. 

The marketing strategy of a business coach who focuses on showcasing financial results, clients’ achievements, and the freedom they have with their business - things their ideal clients want…  won’t work if you are a life coach. 

Your audience might want fulfillment, more happiness, alignment or just to improve their day-to-day life. In your case, it’s about building an emotional connection with them through your marketing. 

Every time you join a program delivering a strategy which worked for that coach, you need to remember that the program won’t guarantee you their results. Join a program delivering a strategy that will work for YOUR own coaching business and get more clients. 

The Money Making Part - Business Strategy for coaches 

Finally, right? Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip all the steps and start with this? The truth is that many coaches try to skip all the steps before and get straight to this one ASAP. Unfortunately, without the fundamentals already in place, your business won’t be able to grow and will get stuck at an income plateau. 

The same goes for the marketing strategy for your coaching business: we won’t get into the depth of a 6-figure strategy, but we will be covering the workflow that will take you to 4, 5 or 6-figure months. 

The first step is to define your revenue goal clearly. Based on your revenue goal, you are going to create a plan to hit that number. You will not get where you want to be without a plan to help you cut the noise of the industry or other distractions from being hyper-focused on your business. And on what will bring you REVENUE. It all starts with defining that revenue. 

A plan involves a series of money-making activities in your business. 

With organic marketing, the main MONEY MAKING activities are: going live in other communities to showcase your expertise, going live in your own community, on your Facebook page, in your group or on your Instagram. Check this article for more information on how to plan and deliver your live videos.

Sharing and creating converting content is another powerful activity that will catapult your results. I bet you already knew this, but remember the most important part - it’s all about how you do it! 

Next step? Connecting with people and booking calls.
Building genuine connections that lead to sales calls is one of the things you need in your business. How are you going to connect with people without being sleazy or having a cringe feeling?  You need to offer value first! It’s important to be intentional with your actions and attract people in a way that feels good to you and is beneficial for them as well. 

These are just a few things to help you with your revenue goals. Remember, consistency is important, but how you take action matters. Money-making activities are a part of a CEO's work. And, when it comes to this work, it’s all about embodying your coaching practices and showing up daily as a CEO who is ready to create an IMPACT while making an INCOME in your business!

Last but not least, SALES 

What got you to 4-5-figure sales differs from what will get you to 6 figures. It takes an intense mastery of the sales calls. It’s not only the scripts, but knowing the person on the other side better than they know themselves. 

Plus, the more sales calls you have, the more revenue you will make. 

The math is simple, scaling can happen fast through this process of booking more calls. When you are trying to hit the 4-figure mark, your focus should be on mastering a sales script that will eventually be customized for your own needs. 

Having bulletproof confidence and being in alignment with your sales calls is definitely going to help you make more money as a coach. Don’t just jump on sales calls hoping to close a client. 

Show up with the intention of closing the client if you are a good fit, show up with confidence in your program, knowing that you are the only one who can deliver that offer. Take feedback from each call and master your skills. You may have the best sales scripts, yet your lack of alignment and your confidence will matter more, and can take all your energy. 

As I said in the first part (if you haven’t read it, you can find it here), this information is just the tip of the iceberg. The process is simple when you create a system that works for you and you are in alignment with it. 

Remember, focus on the basics: marketing, strategy and sales - everything else will follow. 

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