How to Get Clients with Organic Marketing (Part IV)

Written by
Iasmina Jianu
April 22, 2022

This article is about attraction marketing strategies. You can use these in your business to draw clients to you by showcasing your expertise in the coaching space. Our previous article was dedicated to setting a solid foundation for your coaching business. Find the article here: How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing Business Foundation.

The main components of an effective organic marketing strategy are: 

  • Social Media 
  • Content 
  • Branding 

Social Media

Building a profitable presence on social media can be achieved on any social platform you choose: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and so on.. What will, however, make the difference is how you position yourself and where you choose to put in all your time and effort. 

First, start with one platform. Choosing multiple platforms before hitting a 4 or 5-figure income level will pull you in many directions and spread you too thin to become a master of any of them. Hence, the best practice is to focus only on one platform at a time and expand to others one by one later. 

The principle behind deciding on the first platform lies in the behavior of your ideal clients. Ask yourself: where are my ideal clients spending most of their time? For example, if you are a career coach, a good idea would be to choose LinkedIn as your main platform because there are many people interested directly in finding a job, improving their resume or skills. 

If you are a life coach, business coach, or coach for coaches, the answer might be less intuitive. However, you can use market research calls to find your answer. For example, one of your questions could be: which platform do you spend most of your time on? 

Another good option is going to Facebook groups, to communities your ideal clients have joined, and asking: what’s your favorite social media platform? Then, analyze the answers and let your clients tell you the answer. Don’t try to guess what they want based on your own preferences. Instead, be confident in the decision you made based on research.

Doing market research is an ongoing process, even if you already are a successful career, business, or life coach. People’s preferences and the dominance of different online platforms change, therefore, it is essential to constantly adjust your strategy to your clients’ needs.

Outline Your Content Strategy 

Simply put, content strategy needs to be very clear. This is because it lays out your roadmap for getting clients with organic content marketing, as we mentioned in Part III of our article series. 

However, content differentiation is difficult but extremely important - there are many business, career and life coaches, coaches for coaches, who offer the same thing as you do. This means that what will make a difference in your marketing is the authentic connection you build with your audience. To help you come up with a great content strategy that helps you do that, an excellent principle to follow is the JK5 principle. 

It was created by Jenna Kutcher, a fantastic online marketing expert and the idea of the JK5 principle is connecting yourself as a person to your audience in an authentic way, which will lead to sales. This is an excellent example of how attraction marketing can work for your online coaching business.

Let’s say you are a business coach and you only post topics related to business, like how to get clients, how to make money, what business strategies to use, etc. While it’s great to showcase your expertise in this way, on a deeper level you miss out on creating a meaningful connection with your ideal clients.  

Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, another top digital marketing expert and content creator, reinforced the JK5 principle by saying: “The problem with posting only about your business is that it makes you a very one-dimensional person.”

For example, having money and talking about money is great, but most people want their business to succeed because they want to achieve something beyond the money, which is just the means to achieve their authentic goal. It could be about traveling, having freedom, helping their families, or creating something that makes them fulfilled.

If you miss out on that authenticity, they will think: “Ok, so do I have to work all the time? Why don’t you have more freedom in your business? Do you even have a life? Is this how I will end up if I choose to work with you?”

So, what Jenna advises is to pick 5 topics that represent your personality well and can be related to your niche indirectly via the lense of these other interests. It can be anything from personal development, to mindset, family, lifestyle, fitness and similar - talking about these things in the context of your coaching makes you seem much more well rounded and relatable. If you are intentional and strategic with your posts, you can still have a private life while showing up on social media.

Remember, marketing is about how your clients perceive you. So, instead of not feeling aligned with you as a coach, as a person, they will think: “I’m inspired to work with you because you are a good business coach. We share the same values, maybe even hobbies or things I want in my life.” 

Marketing is about selling yourself. Your transformational process will show your prospects how they will get the results they want with YOUR help. It’s not about the structure of your program, the number of things or coaching sessions that you offer.  


There are 2 essential parts to branding your content: your language and your style of writing. Having your own voice in the coaching space helps you have a unique presence. You can attract people without having a logo, professional photos, a set of predefined colors and fonts. But solid content and differentiated language are essential.

The purpose is that whenever people see a piece of your content, this gets instantly recognized as yours. So, to build your brand voice with authenticity, analyze yourself, your writing style and the language you use, and ask your friends:  

  • Do you naturally make jokes?
  • Are you a person who speaks eloquently? 
  • Do you talk more directly or like metaphors? 

Lean into who you are and show it in your content. You want to say: this is who I am and this is who you get as a coach, if we work together. Not only will you attract the right clients, but they will know what to expect when they work with you.

However, to have consistent branding appeal, you need to craft your positioning through the point of view of your ideal clients. While defining your brand voice, think about words that also describe your audience. What do they call themselves: entrepreneurs, hustlers, CEOs, solopreneurs? Use those words in your content to make them resonate more with your message. 

Aim to create a deeper connection with your target market for building enduring relationships that will later grow your results on social media and lead to conversions. Branding is the part of your business that evokes a desire for your ideal clients to connect, work and collaborate with you. 

It’s also connected to the other elements we covered in this article (social media and content strategy) and has a specific place in this mix of an effective organic marketing strategy. As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, to maximize your results with social media, start with one platform and create a content strategy around it. Branding is the “how” part:

  • how you show up
  • how you will position yourself
  • how you will communicate with your prospects

Remember, attraction marketing aims to pull clients towards your brand by offering valuable content on social media, drawing their interest and desire to buy your coaching services, programs, or courses.   

If you haven’t read the previous article where we show you exactly what you need in your coaching business to be successful, you can find it here: How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing (Part I) article.

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