Introducing Pensight Pro! The Toolset For Pro Coaches And Creators

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February 21, 2023

Hey there creative minds, we have some exciting news for you! We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the ultimate tool for taking your creative business to new heights - introducing Pensight Pro! We collected a lot of great feedback from all of you and packed in a whole bunch of exclusive features. Check it out below!

Titas, Co-founder of Pensight

What we launched:

Custom checkout forms

Forms allow you to ask clients custom questions during checkout in short form, long form, multiple choice, or checkboxes. Coaches and creators often use forms to qualify potential clients or get specific extra information before sessions.

For example a fitness coach might want to ask some basic question about client's nutrition, current exercise regime, and motivations. A life coach might want to assess the potential client's commitment to self improvement and understand their motivations better. Or a Instagram creator might want to ask client's Instagram handle to perform their profile audit. Forms seamlessly integrate into the checkout process of your products and services and help you qualify better clients and offer services with more care

Payment plans

In addition to charging clients one payment for your services and products you can now offer payment plans to your customer. Payment plans allow you to split the product price into periodic (weekly, once in 2 weeks, monthly, yearly) payments. Payment plans are ideal when you offer higher value services, like coaching bundles, and clients worry about paying large sums in advance. Creators and coaches can also offer limited time subscriptions and access based memberships with payment plans.

You will be able to offer two different prices for the same product depending if it's a payment plan offer or a single payment offer. For example a coaching bundle could cost 4 monthly payments of $500 or $1800 paid at once.

Custom Terms of Service

You can now include custom terms, disclaimers, and any other information your clients need to agree before purchasing a product from you. For example, coaches use it to add disclaimers about their services.

Reduce Pensight branding

We're adding more and more options for you to personalise your Pensight page. With the Pro, you now have an ability to remove the Pensight branding from the footer of your page making it more yours. In the next few weeks we'll be launching more updates allowing you to further personalise your page with different graphics and colour patterns. Watch this space!

Marketing Integrations

If you are looking to understand the traffic to your page in granular detail, we added integrations with Google Analytics, Tiktok and Meta Pixels. All you need to do is paste your pixel strings in dedicated fields in the Integrations page and you'll be able to analyse your traffic understanding where it came from, how much time they spent on your profile and how that changed over time. While you can the number of weekly profile visits in Pensight dashboard, this gives you a much more detailed analysis. And it'll even allow you to run more effective ads that lead to your Pensight page.

Embed Pensight products in your own website

In addition to selling Pensight hosted products and services via your Pensight page or product landing pages, you can now integrate Pensight products into your own website, bringing the Pensight checkout experience to your custom set-up. It'll work especially well with Squarespace (guide for integration here) and Wix (integration guide), but also on any other custom site.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can try Pro for free for 7 days. And only $29/month after. Our team will help you to get up to speed quickly and you can cancel any time.

Will you offer more features under Pro?

The list of features and benefits under Pensight Pro will be expanding continuously and the Pro users will always be the first to get access to the most powerful tools. We're aiming to bring a substantial addition to Pensight Pro feature list every month.

What's coming to Pro in the near future:

  • Subscription Memberships product.
  • More personalisation for your profile page.

And a lot more!

Passive recurring income from referrals
Make passive income referring friends to Pensight

We upgraded our referral program! Earn $50 for every person you refer when they earn their first $50 on the platform, and/or 20% of their recurring monthly $29 Pensight PRO subscription payments when they upgrade. Get your personal referral link from the Referrals page in your account, where you can also track clicks, sign-ups, and conversions of your referrals. Let's go!

How to upgrade

If you don't yet have a Pensight account get yours here and click the Upgrade button in the navigation menu to upgrade! Or book a call with our friendly team to learn more here.

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