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Maria Grigore
January 13, 2022

As course creators, coaches, consultants or experts, you need to be connected with your audience. Ideally you want to be connecting with your audience in a way that is actually earning you money. At the end of the day, this is your business, your income, and what keeps the roof over your head. In short, the only way you can continue to serve and help the people is if your business is also sustaining you.

Do not worry. Hero Pensight is here to save the day! 🦸‍♂️ ⚡️ You can think of Pensight as your coaching tool that combines all those different components you already use: Zoom, Calendly, landing page,  PayPal, email, notes and the list goes on and on.  The difference? You get all of these functions in one super easy to use platform. No more wasted time on repetitive tasks, booking, rescheduling or keeping manual track of payments or progress. With Pensight you finally have everything in one place.

The software allows you to get found by more people, booked by more people and paid by more people. The best part?

We are completely FREE for sign up and to use, so you don’t have to worry about paying nasty monthly fees that a lot of our competitors charge. So, say bye bye to Calendly, Zoom and any other fees. We are all about empowering and helping coaches. See it for yourself ⬇️


1:1 Meetings & Bundles

Pensight offers one-on-one meetings to help you monetize your knowledge. You can set the offer available via a special link (create scarcity around offer) or you can make your offer publicly available for everyone to see. Or both.

As part of your offer, you can also sell custom meeting bundles. Bundles are a group of meetings e.g. five meetings for the price of four/20% discount; and represent a fantastic way to increase the basket size per client that you have.

You have those followers who maybe already bought your book or course but now it’s all about converting the higher-end costumer. Bundles can help with that as they encourage and incentivise clients to buy more. It also works great for those who have 30 days/ 8 week/ 12 week coaching programs.

Nonetheless, sometimes you might have special relationships with some of your clients or you might want to give them a bonus for them being loyal to you. With Pensight, you can also set up a discount code where you have the option to offer your clients either a percentage or a sum discount for a specific product.

Q&As (Questions & Answers)

A lot of coaches, consultants , course creators receive lots of questions either as comments on their posts, DMs or directly on their Facebook Groups. Let us emphasise “lots”! Lots of questions for which many times we do have the answers.

That’s why we often end up spending a looot of time answering all these questions but do it for free as no one is paying for it. How cool would it be if you could just send a reply saying: “Here’s my Ask Me Anything Page. For a donation of X amount I will personally respond to you with a video reply.

Another big use case for the Q&A feature is for those of you who get asked: “is any chance I could take you out for a coffee to pick your brain on x subject?” This is of course lovely, but we have to learn to create barriers because time is one of the most valuable resources we have.

How about replying to their invitations as such: “Hey, here’s the link where you can buy me a digital coffee (for x dollar amount) and I’ll be more than happy to answer your question”. The best part? They get the answer, you get “the coffee” and you both save time!

Plus, some people might have just a simple question or just want feedback on a business/life plan. Those kind of short personal videos answering to a question are actually what they really want. So this is an exciting new product that you can offer and add to your service line.


If you starting off and you don’t have a website, Pensight is a great way to put everything all together, build credibility, showcase your expertise and present your offer. In 5 minutes you can create your personal page and share your link with others.

On your profile you can add your information, experience and expertise, as well as present your offer and the ways you can help. You can also add an introductory video visible on your main page which is great for your conversions (i.e. on average 30% more bookings). Have a look at one of our expert’s profile Jordan Hardgrave. Doesn’t it look cool? We love it.

User experience

Calendar & Availability

You can easily personalise your calendar choosing the days and hours that work best for you. You can also set specific availability for different sessions/packages. In just one minute, you can sync Pensight calendar with your calendar as it links automatically.

Assuming that you do not want your clients to book time slots two minutes before the session, you have the option to set any buffer that you prefer (e.g.clients can make a booking at least half an hour/24h/48h before the start of the meeting).


When booking the call, the client has the possibility to add a message e.g. the topic they want to discuss. As soon as your client books a call, they automatically receive a notification email. You do not need to be logged in or do anything, we take care of it for you. The booking will show up on your dashboard where you can accept or decline it and add a message if you wish. When this step is completed, the client will receive an email with the booking status and the optional message. If plans change, you and your client can easily reschedule the meeting.


For the meeting to happen, you don’t need Zoom or any other platform but Pensight. Everything is handled through our platform. Clients access their meeting from their email and experts from the dashboard or calendar link. Once the session starts, a chat room is created where users can track all the interactions. Experts and their clients can record sessions, share screen, make notes and exchange messages. Like this, Pensight facilitates a private communication channel which protects users privacy (e.g. no more midnight WhatsApp texts). This also means that you can have everything in one place which leads to a much better experience and makes it easier to track progress.

Time management

When the meeting time runs out, the meeting will not be stopped in the middle of the sentence. In fact, you can keep going for as long as you wish. Yet, it is easy to lose track of time. So, you and your client will be able to see a 10-minute warning that you are coming close to the end of the session. When the time is up, a red light will be visible to let everyone know that the session time ran out.

Social proof & Session FeedbackOnce the session is completed, clients can rate and comment on their experience as well as send you private feedback. The 4-5 stars reviews and positive testimonials from your clients will be visible on your main page for everyone else to see. This is great as it builds your credibility and trust, increasing your chances to be seen as an authority in your field and ultimately get more bookings. Nonetheless, the private feedback can help you grow and improve your services.


We partnered with Stripe, to facilitate fast, cheap and secure transactions. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your Stripe account or 30 seconds to connect with an already existing one.We also have payment analytics so you can see exactly where you’re getting your money from and how much is coming in the future. This is a great way to keep track of your business.

If you really enjoy Pensight and you think your friends and other experts/coaches would like it too, you can share your referral link with them and we will financially reward you in return. For each expert referred, you will get 50$ as soon as they earn their first 50$ on the platform*.

Nonetheless, in the coaching field we understand that word of mouth is a fantastic way for you to grow your business. That’s why we will soon be adding a referral program for your clients where they can recommend you and you can reward them as a sign of appreciation (e.g. bonus, credit, discounts).

Sign up & use Pensight for free

Currently we have an amazing deal where if you get your Pensight account now, you can use Pensight for FREE. We know it sounds like one of those “too be to be true” deals. But we promise, it is true. Since the beginning, our goal was to empower the “little guy”, to add value, to build the best coaching tool out there. So our main focus right now is to get users and learn from experts like you to keep improving the product. We see it as a win-win situation: you get all of these amazing coaching tools integrated into one amazing platform and we get your feedback which helps us to develop Pensight day by day.

All we can say is that Pensight is a game changer. Don’t miss the chance to leverage it!

To get a better idea of the look and feel of the software or to create/optimise your Pensight Profile, access our live DEMO. There is a live demonstration of how to get your account up and running within minutes.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and start making money whilst you’re helping even more people in all kinds of creative ways.

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