Using Pensight VS other link-in-bio services

Written by
Maria Grigore
March 3, 2023

Your brand and your followers deserve more than just a link-in-bio site that hosts your links and has some basic analytics. It’s a wild west when it comes to different link-in-bio site providers like LinkTree, Beacons, Snipfeed, or many others. Some could be good, but most of them won’t be. Some might be a good fit, but most of them aren’t, especially when you are looking for a proper tool to grow your earnings as a creator.

To scale successfully, you need to select well. The end-to-end experience you provide to your clients can make or break your sales and you shouldn’t settle for anything than the very best.

In a competitive environment you deserve more than just a simplistic form to sell your products and services. Therefore, it’s worth looking into whether the link-in-bio providers allow selling a suite of different products and services directly from your page without sending your  clients to other sites, asking them to use multiple different tools or wait until they get their product.

Products and services that your link-in-bio can help you sell:

Being able to sell different products and services sets you up well, but you also need to look into how well these products and services can be integrated with all the tools needed to make the experience delightful for you and your clients.

Powerful tools that you should expect from your link-in-bio:

When considering which link-in-bio solution you need to maximise your earnings as a creator, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can you serve your clients without sending them through multiple landing pages and signups? Every extra page and integrations creates a loss in conversions - whenever you send your clients to another page for purchase you the make experience slower.
  2. Is my link in bio geared specifically for helping me make money? There are plenty simple tools that will host your links and won’t provide much else - is this enough for you?
  3. Does my link-in-bio give enough options for the products and services I can sell with enough flexibility?
How will my link-in-bio help me along my journey and help me grow?

Pensight is used by many coaches and creators that both started with Pensight as their first choice and also those who successfully switched from other providers and never looked back.

You can claim your profile here or book a session with one of our growth experts here. Add Pensight link to your Instagram bio and learn how to get the most out of Pensight!

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