What’s a Link-in-bio Site and Why You Need One For Your Instagram and Tiktok

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February 3, 2023

If you're an Instagram or Tiktok user, you know that the platform only allows you to include one instantly accessible link. This can be a bit of a limitation if you have multiple links that you want to share with your followers, such as to your other content, products, other social media profiles.

How a link in bio site looks like in the wild

Enter the link-in-bio site.

A link-in-bio site is a website that acts as a landing page for your Instagram and Tiktok followers. It provides a list of links that users can click on to access different pages or resources. This can be a great way to make it easier for your followers to access all of your online content and resources, rather than just one link.

To use a link-in-bio site, you'll need to create one and then add the link to it in your Instagram bio or your TikTok bio.

One of the benefits of a link-in-bio site can make it easier for your followers to discover new content. Rather than having to click through to your website or social media profiles to find new resources, they can simply visit your link-in-bio site to see everything that you have to offer.

Another benefit of using a link-in-bio site is that it can save you time. Rather than constantly updating the link in your Instagram bio every time you want to share a new resource, you can simply add the link to your link-in-bio site and it will be available for your followers to access at any time at the same place.

In addition to providing a central location for your followers to access all of your online resources, a link-in-bio site can also be a great way to sell products and services. If you want to offer digital products, courses, coaching services - a store directly in your link-in-bio site will make it easier for your followers to discover and purchase your products or services, as they can easily find them all in one place.

For example, if you're a small business owner, using Pensight link-in-bio store you can appointments and booking forms for services, sell coaching or digital products (check here for some great ideas for digital products), and have all the links to your social media profiles. This will make it easier for your followers to find and engage with your business, and leads to more sales and revenue because you don’t lose conversions sending people to other websites - every extra click and page load cost sales conversions.

Pensight link in bio helps you convert followers to clients

So, if you're looking to sell products or services through Instagram, Pensight link-in-bio site will make it a lot easier for your followers to discover and purchase what you have to offer, and for you to convert your followers to clients.

Whether you're an influencer, a small business owner, or just looking to share your content with a larger audience, a link-in-bio site can help you achieve your goals!

Get your free Pensight link in bio site here.

How does Pensight compare to other link in bio sites? Read more here.

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