How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing Sales System (Part VI)

Written by
Iasmina Jianu
April 29, 2022

Increasing your sales success rate and fine-tuning your sales system’s performance is crucial as a coach in a fast-paced, competitive field. The strategies that used to work stop working in a split-second and new ones take over the industry over and over again.

Many coaches use effective marketing strategies and business methods to promote themselves but struggle with closing more sales. The key reason for this is their lack of a comprehensive sales system. A sales system includes the sales scripts, alignment in sales, and becoming a master of sales. 

Before we dive into each element of a successful sales system, check our previous article where we talked about how you can create a top-notch marketing strategy as a life, business, or career coach.

What’s the best sales script for a coach? 

While you do need a script in order to have a clearly defined direction with your sales calls, the principles of selling are more important to your sales than any script. The main reason why the sales script itself is not the most important part of a selling process is that many coaches who have access to some of the best scripts struggle with their sales. 

Why? Because they don’t understand how it works and struggle with handling objections. Therefore, if you want more sales, don’t rely on a script only. You must stay at the top of new sales trends, learn best sales principles and selling strategies that will help you successfully create your own way of selling on the market. Even if the objections are almost the same. These are some of the most common objections: 

  • I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive 
  • I need to make more money before investing in a coaching program 
  • I have a plan, I want to wait more and test a few strategies on my own 
  • I already worked with others and I had 0 results, I don’t want to invest anymore 

Today we are going to focus on a single objection, understanding the “why” behind it and showing you how to handle the other objections with the same objective approach. 

By staying on your toes and learning how to overcome objections, you will know exactly what you should be doing to stay ahead of your competitors and close more sales. 

I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive 

This is one of the most common objections and, when your prospects say “I can’t afford,” it might mean one of these three things:  

1) You are speaking with unqualified prospects, they definitely can’t afford it. 

How can you repel the unqualified prospects? By pre-qualifying your leads. Someone who is not a qualified lead is not mentally or financially ready to improve their current situation and doesn’t have any resources/ ways of becoming resourceful. 

The fastest way to pre-qualify your leads is to have a form with a set of questions relevant to your business on your booking page/calendar when your leads book a call. You can use different tools, such as: 

Typeform - 

Tally - 

Zoho - 

Google Forms - 

Your main focus with this form is to find out:

The better you qualify your prospects, the less chances you have of jumping on a call with people who can’t truly commit to your program. Here’s an example of a few more questions to have on your form / calendar. Adapt these questions for your own business and niche. 

2) Your prospect can afford your services, but they have a money problem. 

Now that you have calls with qualified leads but you still get the “I can’t afford it” objection, you need to paint the picture for your ideal clients. Which means showing them in a tangible way how their life/business will change if working with you. 

How are they going to feel when they wake up, if they buy your life coaching package?

What is their bank account going to look like, if they work with you as a business coach? 

How much appreciation will they have at work if they join your “uplift your career” package? 

This is called future pacing - having them imagine something that was possible in their business/ life in the future with your help, through your program. 

After future pacing the results with tangibility, show them a few ways they can afford working with you, showing them how to be resourceful. People do have the money for the things they care about. It’s all about the things they choose to invest in. As Napoleon Hill said: “A resourceful person will always make opportunity fit his or her needs”

3) They don’t understand what you actually do and how that can help them. 

When your prospects are confused and unclear about what you do and how that will help them, they simply say “I can’t afford it”. Before handling this objection as a “money objection,” you need to self-diagnose your deficiencies and ask yourself some key questions: Is my offer clear enough? Am I communicating the outcome clearly? Is it clear for my prospects how I am going to help them? 

Even when you use the future pacing method, if your offer is not clear, connecting your program to those desired results will be hard for your prospects. It will raise more questions, such as: “How am I going to do this? Is that even possible? That seems so far away for me, I’m not there yet”. 

Check this article on how to build a strong business foundation for your coaching business to learn how to have a powerful and clear no-brainer offer for your ideal clients. 

How to create alignment in selling 

What if I told you that, maybe, you don’t need to improve your sales script or your sales skills, you just need to improve the way you feel when you are selling? Even if selling is a business tactic, when you are not sure that “this is the right way to do it,” your prospects will see and feel your lack of alignment. 

This will later lead to mistakes, sales slumps, a low closing rate and other consequences that will affect your income and profit. The lack of alignment happens when people tell you they would pay a low-ticket price for your high-ticket offer, i.e. when you are really good but need to spend a lot of time on “convincing” prospects. 

An effective way to create more alignment is selling in your way through a powerful positioning on the market. If you don’t want to attract low-ticket clients, stop talking with them. Start using words that empower high-ticket clients to connect with you. A good example is using power words. Here’s an example of the most used and proven power words.

Build a list of your own power words that will fit for your niche perfectly. These are the words used by marketers to influence their prospects and repel those who are not a good fit. With this in mind, we go on to the last stage of a sales system.

 Becoming a master of sales. 

If you want to become a master at selling, you want to take ownership of your performance and improve your outcomes. Use your own feedback to reinforce the strategies and the behaviour that would lead to more successful sales calls closed. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re selling in - business coaching, life coaching or even career coaching, the need for increased sales is common.

The coaching field is never stagnant. Things can change quickly and, by staying on your toes and learning how to improve these pillars, you can stay at the top of your coaching industry. 

Write down activity goals that you can control, such as calls per day, DM’s to prospects, pieces of converting content leading to more calls, and work towards your goal. Re-evaluate your sales system, measure and track your progress to become a master at selling and serving people in the best possible way. 

With this article, we end our series of articles about the Coaching Map - How To Get Clients With Organic Marketing. There you have it - 6 parts that will help you become a 6 figure coach! You’ve got this! 🙌🔥

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